Hampton Roads Newborn Photographer {Fresh 48 Session - Meet Baby Amiyah}

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting this precious baby girl just one day after she was born at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth!  She was so incredibly lucky that she came during the 4 day window her grandmother, aunt, and uncle had chosen to visit the area from California!  They tried to pick the perfect days to visit with the hope that they'd get to meet their precious new family member.  They made a perfect prediction because they flew in right before her mama went into labor!! 

I LOVE Fresh 48 Lifestyle Newborn sessions for so many reasons.  The parents are always just so completely in love with their new little one and there is rawness in the photos that's hard to capture during other kinds of sessions.  Raw emotion and raw beauty.  Nothing is staged, and no one has perfectly coordinated outfits with professionally done hair and make-up.  It just...reality.  One of my favorite moments in a Fresh 48 session is always when the mother is breastfeeding her new nursling.  It's not easy and it's a learning process for both Mom and Baby.  I love seeing the new mom working so hard and being so attentive to the newborn to be sure s/he is comforted, nourished, and happy even though her body is still exhausted and still sore from laboring.  It's a magical and beautiful process.  I got quite a few photos of this new mother nursing because her little one just didn't want to leave her happy place!  If sweet Amiyah wasn't nursing and physically attached to Mommy, she wasn't happy! She just loved being comforted and nourished, and her mother was so incredibly patient.  In the almost three hours I spent with this family, baby Amiyah was almost constantly latched on to her mother.  And what made this even MORE beautiful to see, was her Daddy right there beside them the whole time.  He did what he could to help them, but mostly he watched, supported, and admired.  Truly beautiful. 

Welcome to the world, Amiyah. 

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