Newborn Photography

Virginia Beach Lifestyle Newborn Session | Hampton Roads Newborn Photographer


I've been surrounded by new babies this fall, and LOVING it!  I met this sweet boy when he was just days old, after he surprised his parents by arriving a little early.  He was so new that he still had lots of lanugo (those teeny, baby, peach fuzz hairs babies have when they're still in Mommy's belly) on a lot of his body.  And he had the most adorable brand-new-baby wrinkly skin.  I could have stared at him ALL DAY!!  Gahh!! 

Anyway, considering that he was born early and that he was only a few days old, I expected him to sleep quite a bit.  I was SO wrong!  Can you believe that he was wide awake almost the entire 3 hours I was there?!  Even after nursing, swaddling and rocking, he was wide-eyed and ready for the camera! Haha!  Toward the end of the session, we did a few shots outside since it was such a gorgeous fall day, and he fell fast asleep after getting all that fresh air.  I had so much fun during this session.  It's definitely one of my favorite lifestyle newborn sessions to date!