Mommy and Me

Hampton Roads Lifestyle Photographer | Garbage Truck Day | A Mommy and Me Lifestyle Session |

A while back I shared a few quick photos from this documentary/lifestyle session on my Facebook page, but I never had a chance to blog it!  This mommy had contacted me to do a lifestyle session around Mother's Day to document how she spends some of her days with her adorable little boy.  Like many moms, she wanted to have some photos taken to look back on some of the best days of her life with her little one, but she couldn't decide exactly what to document.  After a few weeks of thinking it through, she knew exactly what she wanted photographed.  Wednesday mornings.  The BEST day of the week in their household.  Why? Because Wednesdays are GARBAGE TRUCK DAYS!!  Her sweet boy absolutely LOVES garbage trucks so they spend every Wednesday running around the neighborhood chasing the garbage trucks.  Is that the cutest thing ever or what?!

On an overcast, drizzly Wednesday morning, I got to join them on their weekly adventure.  You all know that storytelling/documentary/lifestyle sessions are totally my thing, so it was definitely one of my most favorite sessions to date.  Here is what an ordinary Wednesday looks like for little "B" and his incredible mommy.   


After walking around a bit, we went in to take a break and grab a snack.  Of course their fur baby had to meet us at the gate!! I love that little nose sticking through!

This sweet boy loves music and played a couple of songs for me on his guitar. 

Just look at that expression! Haha! THE most heartfelt toddler performance ever.


After our break, we headed back out for round two.  Unfortunately, the city garbage trucks had moved on already.  But don't you worry, we still had fun walking around the neighborhood AND this little guy doesn't even need the garbage men around anyway.  He turns his own body into a garbage truck with the garbage bins his mommy made for him. 


While we were out exploring, we stopped to enjoy the flowers and a friendly neighbor came out with a surprise.  What a sweet moment!


Mommy made the snap dragons talk and it was definitely a highlight of our neighborhood adventure. 

What a wonderful morning full of excitement, smiles, laughter, and LOVE. Thank you so much for inviting me into your life for a few hours!  I enjoyed every second of it!