East Beach

The "K" Family's Lifestyle Beach Session - East Beach, Norfolk

There are few things I love more than lifestyle sessions.  If you don't know this about me yet, you'll learn it very quickly!  I have a passion for capturing memories in a photograph.  Real moments in time, with their authentic emotions, that only happen for a split second, and then they're gone.  UNLESS they're in a photograph.  When I arrived at the beach for this session, the first thing Mom said to me was, "Just capture us being us."   It was music to my ears!  Little One had a pacifier in his mouth because he was having a rough evening, and he had one of his favorite items with him...a colorful medical glove, of course!  Mom said, "I'm fine with the paci, it's real life.  I also realize he's wearing a medical glove.  He loves it and it's him!  He can leave it on."  Is he a lucky little boy, or what?! Who wouldn't want a mom like her?  Not only that, her mother-in-law had just arrived from out of state right before the session started, so she said, "Since my mother-in-law is here, I'd like to take most of this time to capture my husband with his mother and his son."  Before I even snapped one shot, I knew I'd fall in love with this session and this family.  And I did.  

Here's why...