Birth Photography

Hampton Roads Photographer | Birth of Baby Hayden | Virginia Beach

I know most birth photographers tell their birth stories using both photos and words.  I tried with this one.  But words are never powerful enough to describe such emotional, intense, life-changing events.  So I'll just say this.  This mama worked hard.  She worked all night long.  And she did everything she could to get her baby here safely.  This labor and delivery was nothing like her first two, and nothing like she had planned, but she handled it bravely and beautifully.  Baby Hayden, welcome to world!  Here is a peek at your journey into the world. 

Hayden Birth Preview-3.jpg
Hayden Birth Preview-4.jpg
Hayden Birth Preview-6.jpg
Hayden Birth Preview-29.jpg
Hayden Birth Preview-44.jpg
Hayden Birth Preview-40.jpg
Hayden Birth Preview-49.jpg
Hayden Birth Preview-34.jpg