The White Family {A Documentary Family Session} | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

As you all know from my last blog post, there are lots of changes happening at Chelsea Lyn Photography for 2017.  Since I'm moving from portraits to lifestyle and documentary sessions, it was so amazing to finish out 2016 with a documentary family session!  You may recognize a few of these faces from a documentary style family session I did for them earlier in the year.  Since the extended family was in town for Christmas, they decided to have me back again to capture the whole family together!  Here's what I can tell you about this family from only spending a couple of hours with them.  They love deeply and laugh without reservation.  They support one another and appreciate each other.  It can be hard to capture in a photo everything that's happening around the house at once with this many people, but I still noticed it all.  I noticed that an any given moment there were gentle, supportive, loving gestures.  There was an arm wrapped around shoulders, someone holding hands, someone hugging.  There were constant little moments of warm, contagious love.  And it was so beautiful to witness and photograph. 

I arrived in the late afternoon and tagged along as two sweet girls soaked up lots of love from their parents, aunts, and grandparents.  This family is FULL of beautiful girls so it was only fitting to start the afternoon with a little tea party!

Boos Christmas 2016-34.jpg
Boos Christmas 2016-39.jpg
Boos Christmas 2016-43.jpg

After tea time, the two gentlemen of the house joined in for a game of Uno.  It wasn't long until a little voice yelled out, "Uno!" and won against all of those adults! I loved how excited she was and how the whole family celebrated with her by cheering, clapping, and all giving her high-fives! 

Boos Christmas 2016-54.jpg
Boos Christmas 2016-62.jpg
Boos Christmas 2016-64.jpg
Boos Christmas 2016-68.jpg

Once the card game was finished, the remainder of the afternoon was spent lounging and laughing in the living room, playing Hungry Hungry Hippos, reading, playing outside, walking around the neighborhood, and chasing each other around the house.  I had such a wonderful time documenting this beautiful family's last day together before everyone flew or drove back to their home states. 

Boos Christmas 2016-92.jpg
Boos Christmas 2016-93.jpg
Boos Christmas 2016-95.jpg
Boos Christmas 2016-105.jpg
Boos Christmas 2016-153.jpg
Boos Christmas 2016-165.jpg
Boos Christmas 2016-166.jpg
Boos Christmas 2016-187.jpg


I'll admit it's been a little stressful making this switch from portrait work to documentary work, but this session absolutely solidified this decision for me.  THIS is what life is about.  THIS is what needs to be in your family photo albums.  THIS is where you truly see and feel love.  As I was working on this session, I realized that I've cried every time I've edited a lifestyle or documentary style session.  Every single time.  It's so easy to know that where I'm going with my art this year is exactly where I'm supposed to be.  I WANT to feel these emotions during and after a session.  These emotions are exactly why I made this switch in the first place.  I know now that if I don't cry when I'm working on a session then I haven't done my job.  I haven't told your story.  And everyone's family deserves to have their story documented in photographs. 

White/Boos Family - Thank you so much for inviting me spend the afternoon with you!  It was an honor and privilege to tell your story through my lens.