Hampton Roads Photographer | Hinkley Family | Virginia Beach, Virginia

Most of you already know that I ended up getting completely booked fairly early this year, which was an amazing surprise.  Because I was so lucky to have so many families book sessions this year, I ended up with a wait list.  Marion contacted me JUST after I had booked my last session for the year, so I put her at the top of the list for any openings that happened to pop up.  I happened to have a last minute cancellation so I immediately got in touch with her to see if she'd like the spot.  I have to admit, I was pretty excited to fit her in because she's also a photographer in our area and I'm a big fan of her work!  I was beyond thrilled to get her and her beautiful family behind my lens, especially since photographer mamas often don't end up having that many photos of themselves in their images! 

The original night we had scheduled ended up dark and rainy, so we decided to wait a couple of weeks and hope for better weather.  HOLY MOLY.  DID WE GET LUCKY.  When I arrived at the location, my jaw literally dropped because the sky was so stunning...and this was well before we even had any sunset coloring.  The late afternoon sky was a gorgeous bright blue, and the clouds were incredible.  I had such a wonderful evening exploring with the Hinkley family, and watching them love on each other from behind my lens.  It's kind of crazy how things sometimes work out just perfectly if you sit back, have some patience, and just let the universe bring to you exactly what you were hoping for. 

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