Hampton Roads Photographer | Hayes Family Documentary Session

Last weekend I had the pleasure of documenting what a Saturday morning looks like for the Hayes family.  When were deciding what time to start the session, Mom mentioned that the little one was always up very early.  We chatted about how it would be fun to document their morning from the very beginning and catch the little one while he was waking up and still had sleepy-baby face.  So I got up at 4:30am, packed up my bag, and headed off!  I arrived at the Hayes' home at 6:00, long before sunrise, while the house was still and silent, and about 15 minutes before we saw the little one's first waking movements on the baby monitor.  We hung out at the house while the baby and Mom played and watched one of their favorite movies, and dad cooked breakfast.  About an hour and half into the session, it was light out and we wandered outside for a bit.  Here is a little preview of our early morning adventure. 

Hayes Preview-1.jpg
Hayes Preview-7.jpg
Hayes Preview-14.jpg
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