Hampton Roads Photographer {The Foytik Family}

I'm sure you've seen quite a few of these images here and there because I've been sharing bits of this session for a few weeks.  When Summer contacted me about doing an outdoor session to document one of their favorite family activities in one of their favorite spots, I was ecstatic!  This family enjoys being outdoors, and they love to hike around the Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve in Portsmouth, Virginia.  I met them there on chilly afternoon in December.  The air was crisp and fresh, and the sun kept sneaking in and out of the clouds.  We had a wonderful time exploring and adventuring around the lake and through the woods. 

As I watched and documented this sweet family, it was SO easy to see the love that exists between them.  It's a tender, gentle love...and it was so beautiful to witness.  While I watched them hike. explore, talk and laugh together, I could see how supportive these parents are of one another and their children.  And because of this, you could just feel a incredible sense of complete trust in each other.  It was truly so inspiring.  Summer and Jacob's love story begins in high school, and what was so amazing to see, was that each of them looked at the other as if they had just fallen in love yesterday.  They each would smile as they watched the other person tend to the little ones.  It's amazing how seeing your long-time best friend, love, and spouse being a parent can make you fall even deeper in love with them. 

Here are some favorites from their session!

Foytik Lifestyle Session -16.jpg
Foytik Lifestyle Session -24.jpg
Foytik Lifestyle Session -25.jpg

Thank you so much, Foytik Family, for inviting me to document this adventure for you!  I had an amazing time, and can't wait to hang out with you all again soon!