Sunday Morning Waffles Storytelling Session - Chesapeake, Virginia

I recently attended my first Tuesdays Together meeting with some members of our local chapter of The Rising Tide.  If you're not familiar with The Rising Tide, it's an amazing community of creative small business owners trying to lift each other up.  The goal is community over competition, which I LOVE.  While discussing the Tuesdays Together monthly topic, I told the other members that my passion is really lifestyle (also known as documentary) photography.  I said that one of my goals this year is to move away from posed sessions and head in the direction of storytelling sessions.  I want to start capturing real moments and memories, rather than forced smiles and uncomfortable poses.  I want mothers to see themselves being Mommy, and children to have priceless collections of their time with their families to look back on decades from now.  A couple of days after the meeting, one of the other members contacted me about a session.  She said she loves to cook with her 4 year old son, and would love to have it photographed.  And, of course, I was so thrilled to do just that! 

I had a blast spending a lovely Sunday morning with this adorable family while they made waffles, played some of their favorite tablet games, and enjoyed breakfast together.  When I looked back at the photos, I couldn't help but smile as I'm so familiar with checking recipes on my phone and eating with little hands all over me!  I think any mother can relate to moments like these!  I love that Ceindy saw the value in capturing their life, right now, exactly as it is.  When her little "sous chef" looks back on these photos, he'll see how much fun he had with his mother cooking, what his house looked like when he was 4, the awesome Spiderman slippers he loved wearing, and what Daddy looked like on his way to work (even on weekends).  Here is what a Sunday morning looks like in the "N" household!